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The Shanghai International Electrical and Intelligent Building Technology Exhibition (MATELEC EIBT China 2013) was closed at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center on April 2, 2013. The Exhibition was developed on the basis of the renowned industry forum which had been held for 6 times by the Shanghai Electrical Design & Research Association and it was a typical combination of science and commerce in the industry. This Exhibition further comprehensively showed the most advanced achievements of electrical and intelligent building technology in the world.

AEG Electric Distribution & Control was also invited to participate in the Exhibition and it exhibited more than twenty types of medium-/low-voltage products suitable for use in intelligent buildings, including ME09 series frame circuit breaker, MM9/MC9 series moulded case circuit breaker, AIC310 series low-voltage frequency converter and etc. For the new products, AEG exhibited the newly-launched EC90 series compact miniature circuit breaker which could bring double protections to customers with exclusive over-current protection of pole N and incomparable two poles in one module. AEG especially prepared the intelligent building solutions which attracted many new and regular customers to stop to view them and make consultation and discussion. They highly praised AEG, the well-known Germany brand and look forward to the future of AEG products.

In the Exhibition, many media including the Low Voltage Apparatus journal, the Electrical Engineering journal, and GKong (www.gkong.com) successively reported the products and brand of AEG.