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VFD Received CE Certification

The HV Variable-frequency Speed Drive of Honeywell Passed the CE Certification

The HV variable-frequency speed drive of Honeywell smoothly passed the tests regarding various targets including safety, environment and health, etc. after strict inspection/examination of the certification institution, and received EU’s CE certificate of compliance, thus obtaining the “permit” to enter the markets of EU members and those member countries of European Free Trade Association.  In the meantime, this also signifies that the company reached a higher step in the areas of research, development, and production.

In the EU market, “CE” symbol is a compulsory marker. To circulate freely in the EU market, they must obtain CE certification and be attached with “CE” symbol no matter they are products manufactured by enterprises inside the EU or those manufactured by other countries. The symbol indicates that the products concerned meet the basic requirements of the directives in EU’s “New Approach to Technical Harmonization and Standardization”. In other words, all products which pass CE certification and are attached with “CE” symbol can be sold in all EU members while they do not have to meet the requirements of every EU member. In this way, commodities can be circulated freely among all EU members.

 The success of Honeywell’s HV variable-frequency speed drive in passing CE certification marks that the HV variable-frequency speed drive of Honeywell manufactured by the company has fully conformed to the product standard and technical norms of the EU market, and it is an important milestone for the company’s promotion strategy.